Robert Morse is a perfect match on the 2015 TCM Film Festival Red Carpet

He succeeded in business without really trying, he mesmerized on stage with a one man show as “Tru”, he charmed with wide-eyed puppy love in “The Matchmaker” and he is still enthralling us with his skill in the acclaimed “Mad Men”.  Multiple Tony award winner and four time Emmy nominee, Robert Morse stopped to chat with me on the 2015 TCM Classic Film Festival red carpet where he revealed some tidbits about his TCM festival featured film, Tony Richardson’s THE LOVED ONE, as well as how “mad” he is about “Mad Men”!

For the sixth consecutive year, TCM Classic Film Festival comes to Hollywood in a celebration of not only classic movies, but the craftsman and artisans in front of and behind the camera who create the magic that is the movies.  This year’s theme is HISTORY ACCORDING TO HOLLYWOOD.  Be it the Old West, Medieval England, Ancient Rome or Prehistoric Age of Dinosaurs, Hollywood has found endless inspiration in bringing to life the historical moments that shape our world, melding past, present and future into one timeless experience.  This year, TCM Classic Film Festival explores how the movies have shaped our view and remembrance of that history.  Kicking off the 2015 TCM Classic Film Festival is perhaps the most beloved musical in the history of film – THE SOUND OF MUSIC.  Join me on the red carpet as I talk with some of the stars who came out to celebrate not only THE SOUND OF MUSIC, but their own contributions to cinematic history!