BEHIND THE LENS – June 12, 2017 – SHOW #123 (VIDEO)

Featuring special guests: BARBARA CRAMPTON and LORENZO DeSTEFANO.

Already a two-time veteran of Los Angeles Film Festival, (“You’re Next” and “Beyond the Gates”), horror film icon BARBARA CRAMPTON makes it an LAFF trifecta in 2017 with REPLACE, directed by Norbert Keil. While we give you a few hints and some insight into this mesmerizing sci-fi/horror thriller, filmmakers from veterans to first-timers will enjoy hearing Barbara talk about mentoring young talent, producing, and what makes LOS ANGELES FILM FESTIVAL so special.

At the mid-point of the show listen to director LORENZO DeSTEFANO as he talks about his latest documentary, HEARING IS BELIEVING. While introducing the world to music prodigy RACHEL FLOWERS, HEARING IS BELIEVING takes a look into Rachel’s world, not only as a young woman and a musician, but we also “feel” the world through her eyes, her aural eyes, as Rachel has been blind since birth.

Plus, hear what CARS 3 producer KEVIN REHER and director BRIAN FEE had to say at this weekend’s press conference about featuring “Doc Hudson” with voicing by Paul Newman into CARS 3. Then an exclusive extra tidbit from BRIAN FEE as he expounds on developing the CARS 3 storyline and specifically that of “Doc Hudson” by relying on existing audio of Paul Newman audio recorded during the making of the original “Cars”. And then there’s Fee’s take on Disney’s proprietary Renderman system and its use in the visual design of CARS 3.