Behind The Lens Radio Show – 12/04/2017


From a galaxy far, far away to cowboys and comics, BEHIND THE LENS has something for everyone as we rustle up the creative folks of  RUSTY REVOLVER and hear from the cast of STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI.

First up today it’s all about comics and cowboys with the team from RUSTY REVOLVER. Three of the most entertaining gentlemen we have ever had on BTL, writer/director PAUL MORRELL, actor/producer ANTON TROY, and actor VERNON GEORGE WELLS are on hand to talk about this multi-media project as RR hits Amazon Prime as a web series with a companion comic book available now as well. What little boy (or girl) didn’t dream of growing up to be a cowboy and fighting the bad guys? RUSTY REVOLVER gets to do just that in this rootin’ tootin’ round-up as Paul and Anton talk about the genesis of the show and the character of Rusty, the visual aesthetic, and the importance of editing and post-production in saving the day after two days of under-developed footage!  Legendary actor Vernon Wells chimes in as he talks about developing his character of “Deacon” beyond what’s on the page, the benefits of having a director who gives an actor the tools to develop a character, plus a look back at some of his prior works and then into the future with his thoughts on what makes a project the right fit for him.  

And you don’t want to miss hearing what director Rian Johnson and the cast of STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI have to say about THE LAST JEDI in terms of tone and what we can expect with the film, and some thoughts from the women of STAR WARS on the legacy of Leia and the indomitable Carrie Fisher.