Behind The Lens Radio Show – 01/16/2017

btl - 1-16-2017

A timely and topical BEHIND THE LENS this week special guests writer/director ANDREW WAGNER and writer/director VANESSA HOPE as they discuss their latest films, BREAKABLE YOU and the documentary ALL EYES AND EARS, respectively.

Fresh off the world premiere of his latest film BREAKABLE YOU at Palm Springs International Film Festival is ANDREW WAGNER. As he did with his last directorial outing, “Starting Out In the Evening” starring Frank Langella, Wagner’s hallmark is character-driven storytelling which makes his now adaptation of Brian Morton’s novel of the same name, perfect for Wagner to bring to the big screen. You’ll be enlightened as he talks about his cast plus story and character structure compounded by cinematic elements and technical proficiency which bring this film to life.

Things get more than topical – and political – with documentarian VANESSA HOPE, someone I would classify as an expert in Chinese and Asian foreign policy, as she discusses ALL EYES AND EARS in the context of diplomacy and former U.S. Ambassador John Huntsman, challenges of shooting a film in China and, of course, what may lie ahead for the United States and China in a Trump presidency. A fascinating and educational discussion for all.

And hear what Nick Offerman had to say to film critic debbie elias in their exclusive interview about playing one of the real-life McDonald brothers in THE FOUNDER, the story of Ray Kroc and everyone’s favorite golden arches, McDonald’s.  Plus, director John Lee Hancock weighs in on “the making of” THE FOUNDER!