BEHIND THE LENS – 11/13/2017 – SHOW #143 (VIDEO)

Featuring special guest: STEVE LEE.

Look and Listen to a  show so big we expanded to 90 minutes, this is an episode of BEHIND THE LENS you don’t want to miss thanks to special guest, Sound Effects Editor and Designer, STEVE LEE, who is in-studio for what proves to be a truly sonic experience!

An industry veteran with more than 60 films to his credit, Steve heads up THE HOLLYWOOD RADIOPHONIC LABORATORY creating and delivering sound and vocal effects for many of your favorite film and tv shows. He is also the founder of THE HOLLYWOOD SOUND MUSEUM, dedicated to the preservation of sound and sound technology, while educating the public and industry alike in the importance and history of sound.

Our very first extended episode (90 minutes!), not only does Steve provide a plethora of clips of some of the most famous sound effects in Hollywood history (“Star Wars”, “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, “Robocop”, “Universal Telephone Ring”, “Castle Thunder”, “Wilhelm Scream” and more) with fabulous anecdotes about their creation and the people who made them, but he’s got a few surprises of his own for us.

In addition to sound effects and film history, we discuss the importance of sound in film as a storytelling tool, while Steve calls upon a few surprise guests to add to the discussions. How about sonic thoughts from Oscar and Emmy winning sound editor RICHARD ANDERSON, while editor LISA VARNEY, a second-generation industry veteran, and daughter of two-time Oscar winner BILL VARNEY, makes a very special announcement about her father’s legacy and THE HOLLYWOOD SOUND MUSEUM.